Achieving multiple objectives via compelling story.

With the StandProud project, our challenge was to create a video that

  • outlines the program basics

  • broke stigma associated with disability

  • engaged a global audience, and

  • highlighted volunteer connection to the cause.

To achieve these objectives, we built a story around Landry, whose determination to play football (soccer) motivates his very first steps.

  • Through his story, the viewer is introduced to StandProud's key programs: mobility devices, confidence building activities, education, rehabilitation homes and an extended sense of family.

  • Stylistically similar to sports ads, the football matches emphasize players' agility and strength, helping to dispel stereotype and stigma.

  • Looking to position the film for a global audience, football also holds a uniquely ubiquitous appeal. Additionally, the story moves forward through music rather than dialogue, thus removing language as a barrier to viewer connection.

  • The ultimate connection, though, is revealed in the end: most of StandProud's volunteer craftsmen experience lower-limb mobility issues themselves.



International response and earned media.

Un Architecte, released in the online magazine Bittersweet Monthly (Nov 2015), has since garnered earned media and industry accolades including:


Vimeo Staff Pick // 63K+ views and 1.8k+ likes

ONE shared the film via their social accounts @onecampaign

Featured articles by The Music Bed and FreeFly

2016 Webby Awards Honoree

2016 One Screen Official Selection