Onshape is changing the way we think about three dimensional computer-aided design. See how these ingenious, young companies are implementing this invaluable tool to communicate, rapid prototype and above all, succeed. More from this series: Rest Devices and AfterDark

JOURNEY TO NAIAS // Ford Motor Company

For over a century, auto enthusiasts and industry leaders have descended on Detroit for its annual auto show. In 2013, Ford invited 150 bloggers from 15 countries, spread across 5 continents, to join them in Detroit and experience the innovations coming out of the North American International Auto Show. This video highlights the bloggers’ fresh perspectives on Ford’s newest fleet.



“We could either sit there and watch devastation happen, or we could step into action.” This is the story of MERC employees who came together in the wake of natural disaster to face what seemed insurmountable odds. With clear vision, dedicated action, and care for one another, the MERC team brought their facility back to full operation, showing us that in some cases reaching “normal” is itself extraordinary.

SURVIVOR // GW Medical Faculty Associates

“This was not supposed to happen. I am only 25 years old. I was supposed to learn I had some fat lobules or whatever it was that people my age have. Not breast cancer.” Cara Scharf pulls you into her treatment journey, introducing you to the team of medical professionals that helped to bring her through, from cancer patient to strong survivor.